Guess Who’s Talking About Éccolo: Natalie Jayne Photography

Professional photographers are always on the go, tracking down beautiful sites and planning ahead for upcoming shoots. Natalie Jayne of Natalie Jayne Photography wears the wedding and lifestyle photographer hat along with many, many others. She spends her mornings emailing and brainstorming new ideas. She mentors other photographers, and there's always some pretty pictures waiting to be taken. If there's one thing we know it's that Éccolo helps with all of those great plans Natalie is scheming in that great mind of hers. 

She gets some of her journals from Target stores. A minimalist at heart, all the details to make her next project look beautiful are all held in one of the Eccolo style journals. 

Natalie also blogs about her day to day activities as a shutterbug, and guess what she turns the camera to when she doesn’t have people posing for her - an Eccolo journal! 

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Jasmine HendersonComment