Organization gurus say the Éccolo Dream Journal will help you de-stress

Turning over a new leaf for a positive change in life isn’t easy, but there a few things you can do on your own every day. “Journaling” not only keeps your creativity flowing, it decreases stress and anxiety. Processing your feelings is valuable. So how do you get started? 

Our friends at The Joyful Organizer are all about finding better ways to keep your mind and space free of clutter. They put together a list of ways to make your journal more of a important piece of your life. For those looking for advice on which journal to get started, here’s what they had to say about our beautiful Dream Journal:

“I love the Dream Journal by Eccolo Ltd.  It’s faux leather so it’s soft and durable. The pages are lines so it’s easy to write. There are 256 pages inside so you can count on having this with you for a while. Some journals are so tiny that they are full by the time you’ve grown attached to them!  The beautiful color is adorned with a gold message of Dream.  It’s the best way to sit down and start to write what’s on my mind. At 6×8 it’s the perfect size to fit into my bag too!”

Grab one for yourself!

Jasmine HendersonComment