Her Agenda founder Nesha Byng on the power of writing things down, her journey with Éccolo

The life of an entrepreneur, as diverse as it can be, is hectic even on the fun days. Being your own boss means staying on top of every little detail on your to-do list. The best way to do that: WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN. 

New York City journalist and founder of Her Agenda, an organization that provides resources for female entrepreneurs, couldn't agree more. I met up with Rhonesha Byng in the heart of NYC where she works at a trendy co-working space, Alley NYC. Seated at a long desk table with fellow founders glued to their laptop screens, you'll find Nesha and the few things it takes for her to conquer the day. Her workspace isn't elaborate like the spotless offices that grace our favorite Pinterest boards. That's where she sees her accessories coming in, a sturdy journal being an important one. "I would have a large agenda book for writing down tasks and organizing my day, and another notebook for jotting down quick notes, thoughts and ideas." Nesha explained about what would be in her dream workspace. 

Her first Éccolo journal, stamped with a Jane Austen quote was a gift but quickly became her sidekick for meetings and wherever her work takes her. 

Get this style on  Amazon .

Get this style on Amazon.

I recently was a participant in an accelerator program called Points of Light Civic Accelerator focusing on helping startups scale. The startups all were targeting solutions to help women and girls succeed in today’s economy. We had very long days that consisted of talks, brainstorming, and forecasting. They encouraged us to use pen and paper. I used my Éccolo journal during this experience and all of my key notes and insights for the next five years of HER AGENDA are in there!
Byng here with her new Chase Your Dreams journal.  

Byng here with her new Chase Your Dreams journal.  

We're happy to have Nesha and HER AGENDA on board with our Éccolo initiative to unplug from our devices and start manifesting our goals with pen and paper. "If you listen to the most successful people in business, something they all say is "write things down". There's something about it that digital cannot recreate. Writing things helps them to manifest. It sounds wonky and weird but it's true." Nesha's right! And she should be proud to be one of those success stories. 

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