Registering Éccolo Gifts is Easy & Fun at The Zola Townhouse

"We opened the New York Townhouse because we wanted couples, friends, family, and our New York neighbors to be able to experience Zola in person, in the heart of SOHO."  

- Jennifer Spectar,  Director of Brand Strategy 


Zola's online wedding registry platform has been making waves in online retail attracting modern couples looking to tie the knot, or those shopping for new digs in their homes. Éccolo has been supplying Zola customers with featured items from our lines for the past 2 years, and we're happy to announce our participation in The Zola Townhouse in New York City. 

Taking an online store into an offline experience is a huge step for Zola, having been featured in tech publications like Tech Crunch, Mashable, and MacWorld. They've made the leap from a wedding registry app, to the leading platform changing the way couples and their families register, buy, and receive their gifts. Couples can also register for design services with HOMEPOLISH at the space while taking a walk through a mock home for extra inspiration.

Watch Zola's Creative Director,  Lauren Kanfi talk more about the vision for The Zola Townhouse. 

Jasmine HendersonComment