Share your Summer adventures with these journal writing prompts

Journaling is a form of reflection and documentation. As you reflect on your thoughts and experiences, it becomes a form of memorabilia for your life. A first person account. It's your story. Sometimes we get stuck wondering what to write about because nothing of substance or excitement happened that day. So let's daydream a little bit. With these fun summer prompts for journaling, you can document and record all the things you love and enjoy about summer.

10 Summer Journaling Prompts

Think about all the places you want to go visit, the foods you enjoy eating, the drinks or treats that refresh you and your most memorable summer. Those are the memories you'll cherish revisiting year after year.

  1. Favorite Summer Dish - include the recipe, a photograph, and describe what it tastes like, what you love about it, and who prepares it best.

  2. Favorite Summer Beverage - Include a recipe, a photograph, describe the flavor and then make it. How can you tweak the recipe to make it an adult version? How can you tweak it to make a frozen beverage?

  3. Favorite Summer Apparel - Did you buy a new article of clothing that you love. Draw picture of it, what do you love about it? Where did you wear it? Was it a memorable event?

  4. Favorite Summer Theme - Do you like to decorate with flamingos and coconuts? Are you drawn to pineapples? Explore what things remind you of summer.

  5. Home Decor - Do you decorate for the season? What colors do you include? What colors remind you of summer? What scents do you enjoy smelling in your home?

  6. Your Most Memorable Summer - Did you take an amazing trip? Did you go with your family somewhere? Was last summer so exciting?

  7. Plan a Summer Vacation - Daydream about your ideal summer vacation. Where would you go? Who would you take with you? What would you take with you? What are the things you would need to buy? What things would you need to pack?

  8. If you were stranded on a deserted island, who would you take with you? What 5 essentials would you want to have with you?

  9. Favorite Summer Tunes - Do you have songs that get you excited and ready for summer? What about songs from your teens? Include a photograph of the album cover. Jot down your favorite lyrics.

  10. Movies - What are some movies that have summer themes that you enjoy? Are there any movies that you’re looking forward to watching this summer? Did you go to the movie theatre this summer? Include movie stubs/poster photographs photos.

These are just a few things I’ll be documenting this summer. I love to include stubs, receipts, photographs, menus, postcards, maps and bits and pieces of memorabilia that will remind me of the time I spent with family over the summer. I also like to take my journal and instax camera to document my travels while on the go. Make it colorful, make it unique, and most of all make it you.

Rose PowellComment