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At the beginning of every year,  I create something called a vision board. It is comprised of all of the things, feelings, and goals I hope to achieve in the year ahead. This year I chose to create a vision board based on one word: choose. The board hangs above my desk so that when I’m working, I am reminded of the goals I set out to achieve. I still wanted something that was with me at all times. Something that I could use to hone in on individual goals that would eventually lead up to my ultimate goal. That’s when the concept of a Vision Board Journal came to mind.

Vision Board Journal

There are so many amazing journals on the market, but I chose the Inspire Journal. I love this journal because each page has a colorful inspirational quote and on the opposing side there’s a journaling spot. I quickly realized that it was the perfect platform to combine a bit of journaling, some creative vision board inspiration, and it’s completely portable. The first thing I tell anyone who’s considering any type of creative journaling or planning, is to decide the purpose of the journal or planner. What will be the theme of your journal? What colors will you use? With that information in mind, gather the materials that you think you will need. Since this is going to become a vision board, consider materials that inspire you, that remind you of your goal, and encourage you to keep moving toward them. Think things like quotes, images, stickers, stamps, colors, and you’ll also need some form of tape or glue to adhere everything.

Once you’ve gathered the materials that fit with your theme, store them in a box or tray near your workspace. This will save time during the creative process because you won’t have to search for any of your materials. It also ensures that you stay within the theme.

Don’t be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try

A Vision Board Journal is personal, it’s what you make of it, and how you express yourself. It is you who will benefit from what is placed within the pages. So don’t limit yourself, embrace your creative side, and be passionate about your hopes, goals, and dreams. “Don’t be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try”. 

I wanted each individual goal or inspiration to stick out, so that I can revisit them as often as I’d like. I started by making hand-painted tabs with mixed media paper, pearlescent watercolors and a tab punch.

With my colors defined, I was now able to narrow down which images I’d use. Then I began to create my vision board pages. The beauty of it is you can start small. Break down each goal within your vision into steps, and work at them daily, weekly, or monthly. Whatever works best for you, go with it.

What are some creative ways you use your journal to document your hopes, goals and dreams?
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