Our small journals are perfect for on-the-go writing, or for those minimalists who prefer not to take up much space. 


My Daily Gratitude Journal (T301N)

Daily Gratitude Journal (T301M)

Tree of Life (D303C)

Great Thought a Day Journal (T320G)

Little Book Big Ideas (D316M)


The perfect medium journals at a standard 6x8" size to fit nicely on any desk, in a tote bag or backpack. They come with inspirational motifs or simple notebook designs. 


Wander Travel Journal (Q402B)

Gold Notes (D436K)

Think Deeply (D436P)

Love Your Life (D403X)

Today is the Day (D403W)


Desk journals are generally sized for longer writing projects or for those who prefer lots of paper space. They are 8x10", just about the same size as a piece of copy paper. These are popular among students. 


Be Bold in grey (D504S)

Be Bold in black (D504N)

Make Things Happen (D505M) 

All of the Above (D505H)

Oprah's Adventure (D505N)


Stationery continues to be great among consumer goods and we are passionate about preserving the written word through inspirational memo pads and coloring products. 


Words of Wisdom Coloring Book (CB501)

Great Thought a Day Pad in grey (T609F)

Daily Bible Verse Pad (T609G)

Great Thought a Day Pad in coral (T609B)

Daily Bible Verse Pad (T609C) 


Recipe keepers are covered in stain resistant faux leather that lets you wipe away small spills, these binders are filled with everything you need to start recording your favorite recipes. Tabbed sections feature pages where you can write down recipes, and pockets and an accordion folder to stash extras.


Red labels & plaques (D910A)

Gold vintage utensils (D910C)

Black Table Setting (D910J)


Live Love Eat (D910N)

Fabulous Food (D910L)